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Terms & Conditions

  • The Hire states that to the best of his knowledge that vehicle should be in sound and safe condition. 

  • In case the user wants to extend his/her travel there will be an additional charge of Rs. 500/- on per day rental over and above the normal rental charges.

  • The rented vehicle shall not be used for any illegal purpose.

  • The Renter shall not operate the vehicle in a negligent manner and speed should be in limit

  • The Renter agrees to make a deposit of 5000/- rupees (refundable in 48 hrs) with the Owner said deposit to be used, in the event of loss of or damage to the vehicle or equipment, traffic challan during the term of this Car Rental Agreement to defray fully or partially the cost of necessary repairs or replacement.

  • Car misuse condition- In the event of misuse, the customer will be fully liable for any damage to the car including any third party losses. Following conditions will be considered as car misuse.

  • Traffic Violation: Customer is liable to pay for any traffic violation tickets received during there journey .

  • Car spare part changed: Customer should not change or remove any car spare parts. Customer will be charged a penalty of Rs. 20000 over and above the cost of the spare part.

  • Unauthorized activity in the car: Customers are not allowed to carry arms, ammunition and banned drugs. Such customers will be charged a penalty of Rs. 50000/-and responsible for all illegal activities.

  • Tempering with the device: If the customer is found tampering with any tracking equipment like GPS will be charged a penalty of Rs. 20000/- will be imposed apart from statutory costs if any or legal action might be taken.

  • Vehicle should be returned in the same condition as was possessed by the user. In case of any type of soiling issues or damage in the interiors or the exteriors of the vehicle, the user shall be charged for the cleaning or will have to pay a penalty for cleaning a maximum of INR 1000.

  • Once the verification of identity is complete and the requisite paperwork is done, the user can collect the pre-booked vehicle from the company’s parking space. The calculation of booking time is done from the moment the user gains possession of the keys of the booked vehicle. It is the user's responsibility to check the vehicle thoroughly. In case of damage or malfunction of any kinds, the user should inform the company immediately.

  • At the end of the booking time, the user must return the vehicle keys to the associated Delhi Cars employee. Only once the keys are returned, the booking time shall end. Otherwise, the user will be billed accordingly for the booking. Also, the vehicle must be returned to the designated parking space of the company only. In case the user fails to do so, penalty charges will be calculated accordingly and legel action will be taken.

  • The company does not hold any responsibility for any accident and/ or injury caused to the passengers due to their personal negligence or misbehavior while driving. In case of an accident, the user must submit the FIR/ NOC copy to the company. The user's driving license shall also be temporarily held to claim the insurance. It shall be returned after a maximum of 30 days, depending on the insurance claim formalities.

  • While submitting the Aadhaar number to the company, the user authorizes the company to collect, encrypt, store as well as to authenticate his/her Aadhaar number as well as other demographic details associated with it against the UIDAI database by itself. Or, it can do so via the NSDL e-governance Infra Ltd., an Authentication User Agency that is duly licensed by the UIDAI via before updating of the account.

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